Who is Ascend Clinical?


Ascend Clinical was founded in Northern California in 1984 as the in-house laboratory for a leading not-for-profit dialysis company. From the beginning, Ascend Clinical has focused solely on the kidney dialysis patient population. Being a progressively innovative company, the testing and software platforms we have developed over the past 30+ years have persistently sought to optimize patient care.

Renal Community Focus

In 1999 we turned our marketing focus to the independent renal community, while developing the industry’s first end-to-end Internet-based application for clinics’ ordering and reporting. This software package – LabCheck™ – was developed by Ascend in close collaboration with front-line nurses, dietitians, and doctors, who are the primary users of the system, and it remains the leading software for the renal community since its inception.


As the company continued its growth and evolution, we moved to a new facility in May 2004 allowing for new machines and technologies that would also provide a substantial foundation for further growth. We now have locations in Denver and Colorado Springs as well as our main laboratory in Redwood City, CA. Today we process more than 15 million tests per year.

Better Tools for You

More recently, our relentless innovation led to the release of LabCheck™ 5.0. This modern, browser-independent application sports an updated look and feel, enhanced usability and power, and vastly improved speed to increase clinical staff productivity. Our SecurePrint service provides real-time in-clinic printing of labels and reports, all delivered with the utmost in patient data security, and without special hardware investment.


The immense support needed to sustain and maintain our independent dialysis facilities across the entire United States forced us to find pioneering solutions to the need for on-site clinical education and practices. In January 2014, we launched Ascend University (AscendU™), the first online training environment for these facilities. AscendU™ is a state-of-the-art interactive program that allows all facility staff to learn the key functions pertaining to their particular roles in laboratory processes and procedures.