We recognize the pressing need to educate all involved in laboratory processes as quickly, effectively, and efficiently as possible. It is critical that this training be where and when it is needed, and at the same high standard for all trainees. So we gathered our top content developers and developed Ascend University. It is an online educational portal that allows our expertise to be available anytime, anywhere, delivering the same degree of expert training to all of your team members across the United States. This means training is always available to you, on your schedule, and at a level of quality that you can rely upon.

Course Types

Our course content library is continually being updated, and new courses added all the time. The following is an example of some of our offerings:

Role Specific

  • Order of Draw
  • Packaging & Shipping
  • Centrifuge
  • Centrifuge Inspection
  • Water Collection for Environmental Testing


These are just a few of the Ascend University titles that are available to our clients on-call, anytime, anywhere. Whether for new employee training, or refreshers on any role specific task.

Many of our clients have found this suite of educational tools so indispensable and helpful that it has become a mandatory process for all their employees.