Our Technology & Innovation

Our mission drives our technology strategy – past, present, and future. From our earliest days, we have invested in the best possible technologies and led the industry on multiple fronts.

We built from the ground up the first-ever native, web-based ordering and reporting system for clinics, LabCheck, at a time when others were struggling to update legacy systems for the internet age.

Our mobile applications likewise led the industry into the smartphone era. We built best-in-class apps that give clinicians and patients the ability to drill down into their data at multiple levels to find actionable insights and outliers and keep important health information quite literally at their hands.

We’re the largest single-location installation of Siemens machines in North America, making us a showcase lab for the company. Our investment in laboratory automation with partners like Inpeco powers our rapid turnaround times and ability to adjust to and scale in changing conditions.

As Ascend’s growth skyrocketed and our national footprint expanded, we invested in new software development and data processing capabilities in our Colorado locations, bolstering our redundancy, storage, and security.

Innovation isn’t just about the latest technology, either. We look for it everywhere – even in something “low-tech” like the cardboard boxes we and our customers use for shipping samples. We developed a dual-temperature box, for example, that enables clinics to send both specimens that require refrigeration and those that don’t in the same shipment. That cuts down on costs, materials, and time – it’s a solution that simply works for our customers.

You can certainly trace our technology-and-innovation mindset to our Silicon Valley roots. But what separates us is why we do it. We do it because it serves our mission, plain and simple. Our software and other technologies enable us to be the most responsive, innovative organization we can be for our customers and their patients.