LabCheck™ is an integrated ordering and reporting system for managing laboratory services.

It includes simple order entry, electronic results delivery, automated calculations, pre-built and customized reports, and more.

Ordering Tests


LabCheck™ is seamlessly integrated with our laboratory information system which allows for rapid reporting of lab results. Users can access historical data while using just one system.


Converting to LabCheck™ is easy. Our team of dedicated professionals helps you through the process of transitioning from your current laboratory services provider. Data can be electronically uploaded to our system limiting the need for manual entry.


LabCheck™ is a powerful tool that is simple to learn and use with intuitive navigation and guided workflow. Minimal training is necessary to get started.


Hundreds of canned reports are available at your finger tips. A custom report builder allows you to create your own unique report.


LabCheck™ is an integrated lab ordering and reporting system. It offers simple order entry, comprehensive patient management, automated calculations, pre-built and customized reporting capabilities and more.

Billing and Data Interfaces

We interface with a variety of third-party vendors. Standard HL7 protocols allow us to send and receive messages. To learn more about our interfaces and custom interface development, please contact us.


Multiple geographically diverse data centers ensure data security and integrity.


As a hosted application service provider, we manage, maintain, monitor and upgrade our hardware and software with dedicated resources.


We provide electronic communication of invoices to hundreds of clinics and thousands of patients. These files can be uploaded to an FTP site.


We work with you to streamline processes to avoid duplication of data entry where possible.


Access to laboratory testing data and recommendations for improvements are two of the services we provide.